Presently, Casa Hogar Belen (CHB) is home to approximately 40-50 children. In any given time, this number may vary due to a toddler or infant either being dropped off at CHB or taken back by social services for the purpose of adoption or reuniting with a parent or family member.

Currently residing at CHB are about 16 teenagers who are 13 years old and above, with the majority being girls. Another 15 children range from 5 to 12 years old and the remaining are 4 years old and under.

Children who are 5 years old and above receive an education either through attending public school or home schooling. While those children who presently attend public school have grades that qualify them to register for elementary and junior high, there are several older teens who have dropped out of junior high due to poor grades, lack of mentorship and a shortage of caretakers in the children’s home. These teens are currently being home schooled, so they can earn a junior high diploma and eventually go on to high school or trade school (post-script: Thanks to the love and tutoring of Ana Britta, now deceased, all of these teens have passed their exams, allowing them to re-enter public school). CHB places a high value on education and the goal is to ensure the children have opportunities for a bright future.

Some of the children also attend the city art school twice a week where they can cultivate their artistic talents. The classes include singing, dancing or learning to play an instrument.

Beside schooling, everyone from 5 years old and above has daily chores which include sweeping, cleaning, helping to prepare meals, taking out trash, doing laundry, etc. The older teens also are responsible as caretakers for the toddlers and infants. In the evening, after dinner and homework, the children have Bible devotions led by Pastor Jose. The children receive spiritual teaching in order to prepare them to walk in the ways of the Lord.